North Star Music Club

For Students in Grades 4-9

Wednesdays at 6:00 pm – 6:25 pm (Starting on March 3, 2021)


Why join?

The purpose of this club is to teach students how to utilize their music capabilities to glorify God. They will learn basic music fundamentals through various music activities, singing, and learning to play ukulele. Students will be provided the opportunity to assist with leading worship on one or two Sundays in April and/or May. This is not a requirement of students who are part of the club.


Who can join?

The music club is for students who are in grades 4-9. We will meet on Wednesdays prior to Wednesday Night Clubs/ Youth Group in the Victory Christian Academy Cafeteria. Children should arrive at around 5:55 pm  so we can start our session together at 6:00 pm. Our first session will be Wednesday, March 3, 2021. 

What do students need?

Each child will need their own ukulele. A good starter ukulele usually runs around $40-$60. Schmitt Music in Virginia sells Ukuleles in these price ranges.  You can also purchase online through various websites. Please contact Lindsay Bjur if you would like assistance in making these purchases. 


How to register:

Please Register  H E R E
(Lindsay will contact you via email or text to confirm your registration)

For more information please contact North Star Church by phone (218) 263-1403 or email